Wishing You The Best For Your Board Exams

Wishing You The Best For Your Board Exams

Often you become very anxious about whether you will get high marks or not. But if your teachers have prepared you well and you have put in your best, then never fear. Have faith in yourself. There is greatness and capacity in all of us. If you are well prepared, don't doubt yourself.

Be confident. Prepare well but once that is done, do not worry .Confidence comes when we (a) have prepared well; (b) have faith in ourselves; (c) have the blessings of teachers and parents; and (d) have faith in goodness and justness.

Comparisons are odious:

There are many weaknesses in us. On the one hand we prepare well but on the other hand, we sometimes feel jealous when we compare ourselves with those who are better prepared. Each one of you is unique in your own way. Just do your best.

Be consistent:

Have consistency , and some control over your senses. During examination time, don't get distracted ­ either by external or internal temptations.Keep yourselves in control. Keep your mind clear for studies. Keep away from all sources of distraction at least on the few days of your final revision.

Understand what you study:

When you read a book try to understand it; don't try to cram it or blindly memorise it.When you try to cram, it makes you nervous because then, if you suddenly forget one word, you are likely to forget the whole paragraph.

Don't study just for marks:

Good marks alone don't make you successful in life. It is how many marks you got by understanding the subject that matters. Therefore try to study with the idea of absorbing and retaining the knowledge.

Picture what you study:

A simple but very effective way to remember something is to visualise it and retain it as a picture. Once you have read a particular page or your notes, close your eyes and see those notes in your mind. If you study with this type of concentration, your memory will be very good and you will remember what you have learnt for a long time.

Fight the tendency to copy:

In copying, half your time passes in thinking when and how to copy . How much time is wasted in merely thinking of copying! Have faith in yourself for honesty pays, because one day all this is going to help you in the journey of life.

Set big goals:

Let not get ting marks or admission to a course be your only goal. Let knowledge be your goal.

Never despair if things do not go your way:

Remember you are never a failure unless you think you are one. Do your best and life will bring you the best.

Plan a job not just for money but to serve more:

Don't take a job just for money . Take a job to serve people and benefit them more and more. If you want to become an engineer, dream of building the best structures. When you plan to serve others you will never compromise your values. Whatever you want to become, dream of serving others as much as is possible by you.

Money will automatically come but your real satisfaction will be from your service. Such people become truly great.And this is the greatness that every child ought to achieve.

I wish you the best in your examinations, professions and your entire life! Wherever you are, God's love will always be with you.