Why study Information Technology Management?

Why study Information Technology Management?

Information technology continues to gain in strategic importance for companies around the globe. With expanding technologies and availability of data, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on IT professionals who have the knowledge and skills to manage new technologies and make them work to the company’s strategic advantage.

IT professionals understand the broader aspects of business, and work to develop systems and processes that make business functions (like accounting, marketing, and logistics) work together cohesively and smartly. A career in IT Management isn’t about sitting at a computer and writing code. It requires technical skills – for sure – but also the ability to examine problems, develop technology-based solutions, and communicate those solutions to others.

With access to state-of-the-art technologies, students will develop a strong technical foundation in computer information system development – including planning, analysis, design, programming, operations maintenance, and support. You’ll also have an emphasis on communication skill building, so that you can “translate” your technical expertise to clients and colleagues.

With a degree in Information Technology Management, you’ll enter the workforce as a skilled information technology professional, ready to apply technology-based solutions to strategic challenges.

IT professionals are in demand across all industries. As technology continues to evolve and expand, opportunities for career growth make this an attractive professional path.

Jobb titles of  Management graduates:

Programmer Analyst
Data Warehouse Specialist
Systems Analyst
Technology Solutions Specialist
SAP Developer
Software Administrator
IT Staff Auditor
Data Analyst