New Zealand: A destination of myriad opportunities

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New Zealand: A destination of myriad opportunities

New Zealand has some really good educational institutes offering courses to international students
Although the prospects of studying overseas have always fascinated Indian students, the way they are making a beeline for studying abroad now is unprecedented.Today, the students have a completely different outlook on how they want to chart their student journey abroad. With the presence of online information, information centres and overseas education consultants, students are much more aware about the choices that they have now and, therefore, they are able to make an informed decision.With their own strong points, educational institutes in New Zealand are attracting students not only from India, but even from other parts of Asia, Europe and even America.Nonetheless, it is not only the colleges of this small yet extremely beautiful country that has been enticing students since last so many years, but a lot of other factors that help them decide in favour of New Zealand.
As a country, New Zealand has been rated really high on the happiness index of the countries across the world.Here are some of the other factors that put this country ahead of its competition in the sphere of education.


New Zealand people, or the Kiwis as they are popularly known as, are some of the most welcoming and friendly people one can come across.Even the strangers who are arriving to New Zealand for the first time are treated with a lot of affection and love by the locals.The lifestyle is quite at ease and laid back and people who are used to living a fast life are sure to get surprised here!


While being a really small country near Australia, New Zealand is extremely stable politically and socially for the mere fact that it does not get affected by the world affairs. The economy of New Zealand is extremely stable and the cost of living is much lower than many other countries, making it a favourite among students on a shoestring budget.


Another reason a lot of students from different demographics prefer New Zealand is its mild weather, suitable for people from various other countries. Summers are warm and dry here while winters are mild and slightly wet.


The reason why most students prefer going to New Zealand for higher education as they are able to receive British-based education at some of the lowest fees in the world. Besides excellent educational institutes and worldclass courses, the facilities for international students are also extremely good here.


International students while studying in New Zealand can also take up part-time work opportunities. While on a student visa, a person can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester and during vacation, one is permitted to work for up to 40 hours. Often the international studies offices at the university also help the students grab some local jobs. Once the course is completed, the students also get a special work permit to work in New Zealand.


New Zealand, as a country, promotes educational courses to international students.Therefore, visa acquisition and residency permits are much easier to obtain here than in most other countries. Even if due to some reasons, one is facing problems in getting a student visa to the country, the person is allowed to represent hisher case and file for the visa again. If one is able to explain hisher reasons for going to the country for education, the student most likely get the visa. On the completion of the study programme, a person is allowed to work here for the next 12 months and heshe can also file for residency in case he is working in a field relevant to his study programme. Normally, upon filing for residency, people get their permits and permanent residency within 6 months of filing their case.

Source: The Times of India 06 Sept' 2017