What makes a good essay?

1.Assignment  question

Do  you  understand  what  all  the  words  in  your  assignment mean? Look them up. It is a good idea to write the title of the assignment in your own words to check that you really understand it.


Make sure that you have defined your topic. Are you sure that you understand what you should be writing
about?  Sometimes  questions  are  ambiguous  (not  clear)  and  you  are  not  sur e  what  your  lecturer
wants. ASK!


Give  yourself  plenty  of  time.  There  is  nothing  worse  than  having  to  rush  your research  and  then  not  having  time  to  write it  up  properly.  You  should  not  try  to  write  the essay all in one go. Give yourself time betw een drafts to think about what you have written.

4.Free writing

If you can’t think of anything to write, then just write any old thing. It’s calledfree  writing. Just  put  all  ideas  that  come to  mind  about  the  subject  down  on  paper. Don’t bother about editing what you are writing. Just write. When you read it over later you will probably find that you have some interesting ideas to follow up.

5. Writing structure/Introduction -

If you are writing an assignment or project it isn’t always a good idea to sta
rt with the introduction. Work out the main body of your argument
and  your  conclusion.  That  makes  it  much  easier  to  go  back  and  write  an  introduction  that links
with the concluding paragraphs.

6. Writing  structure/Body

Make  sure  that  your  essay  is  logica l.  Put  your  point  ofview  forward  clearly  and  tell  the  reader  how  you  are   going  to argue  your  case.  Make  sure that  you  link  your  paragraphs  and  do  not  jump  from  one  idea  to  another.  Linking  shows  a connection between paragraphs and ideas.

7. Writing structure/Conclusion

Your conclusion should bring together all the different parts of your essay. Usually your concluding paragraph will summarise very briefly the main point/points of your essay . It allows you to
point out why what you have said is significant.

8. Writing structure/Exams

In an exam when you don’t have much time it is often a good idea to rephrase the question, e.g. if the question reads Discuss  the  various  stages  of  development  in  middle  childhood, you  can  simply  start  by saying  “In this  essay  the  various stages  of  development  in  middle  childhood  will  be discussed...” or even more simply “In this essay I will discuss the ....”.