Career as a photographer

Career as a photographer

 A unique passion, photography, a medium through which reminds people of the happy moments in their lives. “It’s great to see people happy when they see their pictures.

Today there is a need for photographers who can do fashion and product photography. There is need for fresh faces in the fashion industry and a growing trend among companies to showcase products across online shopping sites. There’s good scope for even event, lifestyle and travel photographers. However, it is wedding photography that is the most lucrative option these days, the demand for which is not driven by any industry trend.

Photography is all about passion. You might undertake a professional course or training. However, without a creative mind, you cannot excel in the profession.

One also needs to be prepared for flexible working hours. During the marriage season, one might need to shoot all night till the ‘vidaai’ ceremony at 6 am and deliver pictures in just about 48 hours to the client. Each wedding photography assignment includes the ring ceremony, mehndi ceremony and the wedding day.  One can earn up to Rs. 15 lakh shooting only weddings, depending on the itinerary.

Sikh weddings are the best to shoot. They are well organised, and the main ceremony stretches for an hour. This is unlike Hindu weddings that largely depend on the rituals an individual family or pandit wants to follow. Consequently, most Hindu weddings stretch to five hours or more.

The Right Shot
Be cautious about decor and venue. Discuss lighting and decor with client beforehand to get the right shots

Rs. I take home
Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15 lakh

I love my job becouse...
Each assignment is like a treat. You get to think, imagine and create your own shots and at the same time live your passion

Expert gyan
Camera is only a medium of expression. It doesn’t matter if one is shooting from a phone or a top-end camera. What matters is vision and creativity

The demand for photographers across sectors has remained consistent for some years now. A photographer with creativity and vision is always in demand. He or she should be able to bring in an interesting element in all the photographs he or she shoots. Apart from an eye for detail, photographers should also have editing skills to do well in their career


  •  Jamia Millia Islamia,
  •  Art Heritage Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam,
  •  National Institute of Photography,
  •  Indian Institute of Photography, Noida;


Anybody with an interest in photography can enter the profession. However, one needs to have a lot of energy and a knack for out-of- the-box thinking if he/she wants to make a mark in the profession. One should also be open to travelling and work for long hours. Assignments often come with deadlines, so self discipline is very critical for success

Skills and traits

  •  Ability to handle camera, equipment and light
  •  Knowledge about editing
  • Ability to market one’s work
  • Popularising one’s work on social networking sites
  •  Handling communication
  • Strong networking skill